EQUIS Residential is a real estate investment firm that executes a thesis-driven, value creation investment strategy in select markets throughout the Southeast. The firm is committed to being a disciplined fiduciary and investor that combines the entrepreneurial approach of an operator with the established practices of an institutional-level private equity investor.

  • Risk-adjusted asset selection.
  • Value-add upside.
  • Opportunistic Yield

Investment Strategy

EQUIS Residential tailors each joint venture structure to meet the needs of its private partners, and to reflect the relative risk and return parameters of each particular investment. EQUIS Residential co-invests with its partners to ensure an alignment of interests. This structure produces decisions that maximize returns for all parties. EQUIS Residential then actively manages the properties through its management subsidiary. This hands-on approach allows EQUIS Residential investments to outperform their local real estate markets.

EQUIS Residential’s typical deal structure consists of an Institutional, Private Investment Group, HNW Individual, or Family Office providing ~90% of the equity required. EQUIS Residential invests the remaining ~10% of the equity as well as arranging for any required debt. All equity investments in the transaction are treated pari passu. After repayment of debt and invested capital, EQUIS Residential receives a promoted interest in the investment over a given IRR hurdle. Subsequent hurdles and additional promoted interests are often included at agreed upon rates. EQUIS Residential receives this “promoted interest” in exchange for successfully exceeding the partnership’s investment objectives. This performance-based structure provides EQUIS Residential with an appropriate long-term incentive for effective management decisions.

The primary objective of EQUIS Residential is to be established as the preferred partner for a handful of Institutional and Private Real Estate Investors. EQUIS Residential is working to achieve this goal by bringing together a group of highly capable individuals with the market knowledge, relationships and real estate skills required to identify and acquire attractive investments and execute value-added strategies in order to provide above-average risk-adjusted returns for its partnerships. EQUIS Residential's Principal, Benjamin W. Inman, has demonstrated this results-oriented strategy with his track record of purchasing, managing and selling investments to maximize investor returns on behalf of HNW and Family Office Clients prior to forming EQUIS Residential.

Value Through Experience.

EQUIS Residential, with a presence in Nashville, TN., Atlanta, GA., and West Palm Beach, FL. -brings institutional-level experience to the middle market real estate sector. The company targets opportunistic investments throughout the Southeastern U.S. that fall below the scope of large institutions and private equity firms. By targeting small to mid-sized assets below the scope of institutional firms, EQUIS Residential is able to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by implementing institutional quality management and executing a value-add business strategy.

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